Alison Bechdel's comic strip 'Dykes to Watch Out For' ran for 25 years (1983–2006), syndicated in many alternative newspapers in the USA and this book collects many of them. Described by Bechel as "half op-ed column and half endless, serialized Victorian novel" it is a humourful depiction of the everyday lives and loves of a diverse set of lesbians, their friends and acquaintances, their working and political concerns. Set in a mid-size American city, and incorporating contemporary events, Bechdel's work is has been described 'a reliable archive of life in the LGBT community over two decades.' The strip is intelligent, engrossing, endearing and well drawn. There are nearly 400 pages, I could have done with more. I found it enthralling. A great piece of work. Like 'Top 10' (recent blog) I found this in my local library. Well done them. Alison Bechdel's website - Incidentally - by chance New York's gay community are putting on the city’s first queer comic and pop-culture convention — Flame Con — at Park Slope’s Grand Prospect Hall on June 13. -

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