Telly last night - BBC 1 Imagine ( if you missed it I believe the technology exists for it still to be seen - an I-player or something) had artist Grayson Perry organising an exhibition at the British Museum and related adventures. Grayson Perry (b 1960 in Chelmsford) ceramicist, Turner Prize winner 2003. The  exhibition Perry has curated shows new works of his own alongside objects he selected from the Museums vast collection of works  by unknown craftsmen from across the world and throughout history. The appreciation of both  are broadened and deepened by the juxtaposition, the viewer seeing the objects  anew in the light of Perry’s vision and commitment.
Several times during the Imagine documentary Perry said he was ‘touched’ -  by peoples warmth, by concepts, by memories, by works of art. I was too, by Perry’s humanity and his owning of  and passion for art.  
Perry’s work can be seen at
but inexplicably it fails to show any of the other treasures to be seen in the exhibition. 
A good review of the show plus some comments by visitors to it at

Grayson Perry - Tomb of the Unknown Craftsman
October 6th - February 19th
British Museum, Great Russel Street, London, WC1 3DG
Adults - £10.  16-18 year olds -£8.  Under 16 (with paying adult) Free.  Students, unemployed and disabled - £8. Groups - £8.50

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