A while back there was an apology for the non-appearance of the Bibliography section on this website. It was one of those things - like the inexplicable change of the blog headings typeface to one less cheery. Bibliography subsequently re-appeared, but for a reason beyond my control it is presently not possible to add items to the contemporary comic book list. There has been nothing added since September 2015. This means the more recent of Rebellion's reprints of Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson stories , reprints and foreign language editions of Button Man, Mazeworld and The Beatles Story are not included. Not as many as the image suggests but some few more. Nobody regrets it more than me. Possibly nobody regrets it except me. lf the means to make it up to date arises steps will be taken. I would have liked it to be compete. That a good deal of the earlier detail is as thorough as it is was due to the help of Tim Barnes and J David Jackson so there is some responsibility to match their good work.

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