A little ago Lee Grice digitally dropped by to mention that he was curious about Button Man becoming a TV series. The reply at that time was that something was up but it was too early to say what exactly. Now it can be told! John Wagner and I have agreed to Warner TV having their option to make a Button Man based series extended for another twelve months.. At least I guess it can be told since contracts are not yet signed but should be on their way and I'm thinking it can't do any harm to have the idea of a Button Man TV series aired as often as possible. The lawyers at Warner are a fun loving bunch and I'm sure they wouldn't mind even if by some remote chance they happened to stumble across my website and see this. This contract extension is better than a scoffing' get lost buster', but still in 'will they won't they' territory. I am moraly bound to remain unexcited. The unconvincing image was intended as a visual metaphor for the amount of time that the idea of a screen version of Button Man has been toyed with. Ages. April 5th. Contract stuff has got a little messy so could be this announcement was even more premature than I thought.

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