in this time of division there are there are voices urging  we listen to other points of view rather than contesting them.With this in mind I read internet histories of vaccination and the anti-vaccination movement that accompanied them.

These usually allied to protests about social distancing and mask wearing. The very existence of a Coronavirus infection is questioned, or its provenance re-attributed.

Having seemed to have missed their explanation of all the deaths , what I found is that even had I the dialectic skills I do not have the forbearance to respond to them with more than a one-word reply. If you think something starting with B you will be close.

Comic readers are by definition fans of fiction and we trust tell the difference it and fact. Fiction that passes off as fact are lies and can be dangerous. Superman fiction fine, - anti-vaccination fiction, Icke’s shape-shifting reptiles fiction, Tramps election fiction, not.

Anyway, since this site likes pictures, instead of an argument here are some images from pro and con vaccinationists.

All copyrights acknowledged.

Below is a paragraph from


“The overall global effects of vaccination are impossible to overstate. Seven diseases have been brought under significant control through the use of vaccines: smallpox, diphtheria, tetanus, yellow fever, whooping cough, polio, and measles. Of these, smallpox has been completely eradicated, saving ( the lives of ) an estimated 5 million people annually. And polio is currently close to eradication: there were only 416 cases in 2013. According to the World Health Organization, the measles vaccine saves around one million lives annually. Along with clean water supplies, improved nutrition and extensive public health and medical infrastructure, vaccination has been responsible for dramatic declines in deaths from certain infectious diseases.

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