Judge Anderson. The PSi Files. Volumes 3 and 4 Spent a good part - in both the sense of 'a considerable part' and 'a well spent part' - of my weekend reading these two fat books. I was left with a renewed appreciation of what a super writer Alan Grant is. Judge Cassandra Anderson PSI is a great invention. A complex character involved in adventures that allow for her special abilities to bring her into contact with the fantastic and the all too human. Surrounded by pain and corruption, repression and death, Cass battles on without losing her own moral centre. I drew a few of these stories but reading them and the others through as a complete and interlinked story was a real and new pleasure. Seeing interlinked stories bought together sequentially with no breaks for credits or titles made me appreciate again the skill, intelligence and story-telling ability of Alan Grant. Some really nice art too Judge Anderson - The PSi Files. Volume 3 Writer-Alan Grant. Extras written by Peter Milligan, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. Artists Steve Sampson, Arthur Ranson, Charles Gillespie. Angel Unzueta, Trevor Hairsine, Eddy Cant, Ian Gibson, Mick Austin and Anthony Williams. Judge Anderson - The PSi FIles. Volume 4 Writer Alan Grant. Extras written by Tony Luke and Mark Millar. Artists - Arthur Ranson, Steve Sampson, Dermot Power. Russell Fox

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