Manga now: three generations. A display at the British Museum, London WC1, running until November 15th. It features newly commissioned and recent pieces by three generations of Manga artists - Chiba Tetsuya, Hoshino Yukinobu and Nakamura Hikaru. Chiba Tetsuya is a specialist of sports manga . Hoshino Yukinobu, is one of Japan’s best-known science fiction manga artists. ( His 'Professor Munakata’s British Museum Adventure' featured at the British Museum in 2011.) Nakamura Hikaru is currently Japan's seventh bestselling manga artist., Her work in this display imagines the comical existence of Jesus and Buddha as flatmates in Tokyo.. My impression is that the display is a small one but seeing original art would be interesting. And this is The British Museum so there are lots of other things to look at.

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