This link - will take you to the transcript of an interview of Alan Moore by Kurt Amacker dealing with Alan’s opposition to having characters he and Dave Gibbons created for Watchmen each being given their own title to be published by DC. In a wide ranging interview Alan shares his views on the comic industry in general.
Alan’s ideas about the comic industry and comic creating are interesting, thought provoking, and difficult in the sense of offering choices one might prefer not having to make.
Alan’s integrity and determination in the matter of  creator’s rights and obligations have cost him both money and friends.
Uninterested in the politics of the comics I was only just about aware that Alan Moore was considered a ' difficult kind of guy'. Reading the full interview I felt I had finally seen where he was coming from and am now an admirer.

I found the interview via Bleeding Cool - Lying in The Gutter, a website devoted to comics and the comic book industry, news and gossip, and for which there is a link on ‘Links’.

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