The Beano comic from D.C. Thomson made it's first appearance seventy-five years ago July 2oth 1938. The Beano was an institution, an essential part of childhood - comics once as integral to being young as was tree climbing. ( Talking for myself there aren't I? I have met folk who never read comics. Always think of that as a deprived childhood, a situation where out of respect for their disadvantages one tries to hide ones natural sense of pity.) When I started having my weekly Beano fix Big Eggo was still on the front cover. The heros and heroines Beano produced still have a place in universe of my imagination. Lord Snooty and his Pals, Morgyn the Mighty, Pansy Potter, The Strongman's Daughter, Jimmy and His Magic Patch . . . Looking at the list (below) it seems Beano characters ceased to imprint themselves on my mind about the time I was aged eleven and went to 'big school'. There is a list of all the characters and strips the Beano created and the artists ( oddly not writers) who created them at . Be wonderful if there were pictures. Images copyright of D.C. Thompson.

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