That time of year again when nerves are stretched and fingernails shortened (mine anyway, it's not a universal requirement for some religious festival) while awaiting news of the future of a Button Man film and my financial hopes. The option DreamWorks held on Button Man is hanging on the possibilities of cancellation, renewal, or becoming a real working bit of movie making. Ignorant of how these people work ( my only knowledge about film-making coming from Hollywood films about film- making in which, unless Max Sennet was involved, there is lots of double-dealing, egotism and somebody ends up murdered ) I couldn't guess what might happen. It is nice to imagine thrill-hungry fans waiting impatiently for news but even if that is not in fact the case this writing and the patched-up accompanying tortured visual metaphor is for me a therapeutic displacement activity that serves in keeping me out of the pub. Tuesday July 16th. DreamWorks have agreed to extend the option for 4 months.

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