I was lucky enough to receive a copy of Aberrant Necropolis recently. It is a book of photographs by Ellen Rogers - “a handful of highlights of the work Ellen  produced during the period 2008 - 2010”   All of her work is analogue, digital rejected in favour of  using the dark room and hand-tinting. Ellen Rogers’ technique “is a secret,”  “all darkroom based” and her “technique is experimentation.” She manufactures her own chemicals. ‘To keep her costs down'  is the claim but alchemical seems appropriate. Her images are Fairie,  haunted, haunting and  magical. There is a tension between the elusive emotion in the pictures and her models looking like real women, someone we might have known before they were translated to Ellen world and transformed by her imagination and vision.

To see the book -  http://store.ellenrogers.co.uk/    
 More of Ellen -  http://ellenrogers.co.uk/

To declare an interest I have met Ellen a few times. It was Ellen who was responsible for the exhibition of my stuff at Orbital comics long ago. http://www.arthurranson.com/blog/first-night

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