There has been some falling out amongst comic artists and writers over the result of the American Presidential election. Comic book creator Humberto Ramos (Champions/Marvel) has chosen, current commitments aside, not to attend comicons in US states that voted to elect Trump. The suggestion is that this is not pique but concern for his safety - which would make sense during a period of increased hate crime. George Perez (New Teen Titans) has joined Ramos in that undertaking. Mitch Bretweiser ( Captain America) came in for some stick from fellow artists for his painting of Trump attached to a tweet wishing Trump well. He has said that a new President should be wished well because he is a new President. That may be so but it does seem to be asking for trouble to give Trump a halo and a sword. These are symbols more usually associated with the holy and chivalrous which are hardly characteristics Trump displayed during his campaign. Many Americans, including comic folk. say give Trump a chance. This is the view that Trump's electioneering rhetoric should not be taken seriously - once in office he will talk and act in a more moderate manner, that despite appearances he will turn out to be a reasonable human being after all.* The "then he was slinging sh--, now he will scatter pearls" school of thought. It is no surprise that following such an acrimonious and aggressive election campaign that the divisions it expressed and encouraged continue. Comic book creators are not the first group one would turn to in search of political guidance but in as far as they are citizens they have a right to a voice. The images - some artist's view of Trump, some of Trump used as a character in a comic. *(There is an interesting take on how to respond to the Trump election at… Comic book artist responses to election result -…

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