The past is not just for the aged reminiscing about the days  (following references meaningful only to older British citizens) when a ha'penny* was a twenty-fourth part of a shilling and would buy one an OXO cube to lick on the way to school. The past is for all those with a curiosity about their roots. For those with an interest in the history of comics and illustration, where we came from and surprise! what interesting work they produced, one, if not the, place to find this kind of thing is Steve Holland's website at . It provides access to reprints from British comics from earlier times as well as more contemporary interests.

Steve Holland is a freelance author and editor with form in the production of comics, and related magazines and books. He has another site at

In one of his blogs Steve revealed he had been composing an obituary for the files of The Guardian newspaper. When the time comes I would really like my obituary to be in the Guardian. It would be an indication that I had arrived.


*For an older generation thinking 'wait a minute weren't OXO cubes only a farthing each?' I share your doubt but  to propose to a decimalised readership that there was once a coin worth one forty-eight of a shilling might stretch their credulity to breaking point.  


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