Here a list of the graphic novels that are part of the collection that is on offer to anyone who can collect, care for, and make it available to folk with an interest in comics and comic history. The reasons for this give-away are twofold - 1, altruistic, that it would be nice if this lot were of use to future generations of comic buffs, 2, selfish, that it would save my children an awful lot of trouble when I am dead. There is some great stuff here.

GRAPHIC NOVELS 1. Alien Ed. Richard J. Anobile Film adaptation using stills from the film. 1979 Futura 2. Amargo Le Bal Des Vautours Victor De La Fuente French 1975 Hatchette 3. Batman – Manbat Jamie Delano John Bolton. French Edition. Two books 1996 Editions USA 4. Batman. Year One Frank Miller David Mazzuchelli 1988 DC Comics 5. Batman. Year Two Frank Miller David Mazzuchelli 1988 DC Comics 6. Biggles and the Golden Bird Bjorn Karlstrum 1978 Hodder and Stoughton 7. A Lieutenant Bluberry Adventure The man with the Silver Star Jean –Michel Charlier Jean Giraud 1980 Dargaud 8. Un Adventure du Lieutenant Bluberry - Nez Cassé Jean –Michel Charlier Jean Giraud French 1969 Dargaud 9. The Bodyssey. Richard Corban & Simon Revelstrke 1986 Catalan Communication 10. Broussaille 1 Les Baleines Publiques Bom Frank French 1987 Reperages Dupuis 11. Tales of the Buddha Alan Grant Jon Howard 2013 Renegade Arts 12. Camelot 3000 Mike N. Barr Brian Bolland 1988 DC 13. Le Croissant et la Croix L&F Funcken Y. Duval French 1985 Editions du Lombard 14. Dan Dare Vol.2 Rogue Planet Frank Hampson (And team) 1980 Dragons Dream 15. Destiny . A Novel in Pictures Otto Nückel 2007 Dover Publication 16. Exterminateur 17 Jean-Pierre Dionnet Enki Bilal French 1979 Les Humanoids Associes 17. Frivole Gesprechen In Moululhe Hugo Pratt German 1985 Casterman 18. Fungus the Bogeyman. Raymond Briggs 1977 Hamish Hamilton 19. The IncaL 1 Alexandro Jodorowsky Jean ‘Mobius ‘Giraud 1998 Titan Books 20. The IncaL 2 Alexandro Jodorowsky Jean ‘Mobius ‘Giraud 1998 Epic Comics 21. The IncaL 3 Alexandro Jodorowsky Jean ‘Mobius ‘Giraud 1998 Titan 22. Jimmy Corrigan or The Smartest Kid on Earth Chris Ware If it has a date and publishing details I couldn’t find them. 23. Jungle Tales of Tarzan Burne Hogarth 1976 Watson-Gutptil 24. Killing and Dying Adrian Tomine Hard cover. 2015 Faber and Faber 25. La Ville Qui N′Existait Pas P.Christin E. Bilal French 1977 Dargaud 26. La Quête De L′oiseau Du Temps - m Le Rige Le Tendre De Loisel French 1985 Dargaud 27. Lieutenant Blueberry Thunder in the West Charlier Giraud French 1977 Egmont /Methuen 28. Lieutenant Blueberry Fort Navajo Charlier Giraud 1977 Egmont /Methuen 29. Lone Sloane/ Delirius Lob Philippe Druillet 1973 Dragons Dream 30. The Adventures of Luther Arkwright Book 2 Bryan Talbot 1987 Valkyrie Press 31. The Adventures of Luther Arkwright Book 3 Bryan Talbot 1989 Valkyrie Press 32. Mac Coy - De Witte Dood J.P. Gourmelen A.H. Palacios Dutch 1977 Dargaud 33. Mac Coy Little Big Horn J.P. Gourmelen A.H. Palacios Dutch 1977 Dargaud 34. The Magic Crystal. Mobius and Bati. Tree volumes. 1990 ConCat Comics. 35. Mathai-Dor La Capture Du Feu Victor De La Fuente 1974 Hatcette 36. Opium Daniel Torres B/W 1983 Knockabout Crack Edition 37. Saxxon Torres 1987 Casterman 38. Shion- Blades of the Minstrel Yu KIntarni English translation 1990 Viz Spectrum Edition 39. The Shadow Howard Chakin 1987 Titan Books 40. Signal from Space. Will Eisner. 1983 Kitchen Sink Press 41. Tarzan of the Apes Burne Hogarth 1972 Pan 42. Toenga – de Doovan de Reus, Signed by artist Aidans Dutch 1997 43. Memoire Des Ecumes. Caza and Mobius. French 1985 Dargaud 44. Robert Louis Stephenson’s Kidnapped Alan Grant Cam Kennedy 2006 Waverley Books 45. Seven Miles a Second. David Wojnavicz and Janos Lomberger. 1996 Vertigo 46. The Satisfaction of Black Mariah. Howard Cheykin 1987 First 47. Shion- Blades of the Minstrel Yu KIntarni English translation 1990 Viz Spectrum Editions 48. SF & Adontuur 1 De Zwarte Ster Gimenez Barreiro Dutch 1982 Mondria 49. Swords of Cerebus Dave Sim 1981 Denise Sim 50. Thorgal – Child of the Stars – Reinski Van Hamme. 1985 Ink Publishers 51. Thrrp! Leon Baxendale 1987 Crack 52. William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Art - John. H. Howard 1985 Ravette Books 53. William Shakespeare’s King Lear Art -Ian Pollock 1986 Oval Projects 54. Vasco - Les Sentinelles de la Nuit Gilles Chaillet French 1986 Editions du Lombard 55. Waterratten Gordon Rennie Colin Wilson Dutch 2001 Prestige 56. Willy the Kid Leo Baxendale 1976 Gerald Ducksworth 57. Yragael Urm Phillipe Druillet 1975 Dragons Dream 58. 1941 – the Illustrated Story. Stephen Bissette & Rich Vieter. Film tie-in. HM Communications/ Pocket Books

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