Comic book artists as film fans. More examples welcome.

Captain Comet by Al Williamson - Buster Crabbe

Captain Marvel Jr by Mac Raboy – John Derek

From Incredible Science Fiction by Al Williamson – Stewart Granger

Marvelman by Garry Leach – Paul Newman

Dracula by Gen \eColan – Jack Palance

Smilin’ Jack by Zack Mosley – Clark Gable

Bob, from Ampney Crusis Investigates by Simon Davis – David Niven

Lieutenant Blueberry by   Jean Giraud  - Jean-Paul Belmondo

 From Hark and Buir by Dean Ormeston – Boris Karloff

From Hark and Buir by Dean Ormeston – Elsa Lancaster

Joker by Bob Kane – Conrad Velt

Captain Marvel by c.c.Beck – Fred Mac Murray

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