07/07/2021. An exhibition at the cartoon museum, 63 wells road, Fitzrovia, London w1a 3ae, till October 31st

V for Vendetta, a graphic novel written by Alan Moore, and illustrated by David Lloyd first appeared in the short-lived British magazine Warrior in 1982. Subsequently taken up by DC Comics who had sold more than 500,000 copies in the United States by 2006. 

The story depicts a dystopian version of the United Kingdom in the then near future  of the 1990’s with anarchist V at war with a fascist state.

There was a film version made by Warner Brothers in 2005.

David Lloyd’s inspired choice to present its central character V in a Guy Fawkes outfit with grinning mask is one of the rare occasions where a comic book and its artist were to have effect in the real world, the mask becoming globally used and recognised as a symbol of protest.

The exhibition includes 36 original artworks by David Lloyd, including black and white and colour paintings. Also on display is the original mask. costume designs and storyboards from the movie.


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