Bibliography possibly still partial and inaccurate, despite my best intentions. My apologies. I have made it as complete as I could  including some pretty trivial stuff. An earlier list by Tim Barnes and J. David Jackson from 1996 was a big help. 

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Look-in and related covers. ITV Publications.
1972  Look-in nos. 32. 35 38 39 40  42 47 52 
1973  Look-in nos. 5 12 13 24 28 32 38 44  TV Special , Holiday Special, How Annual 
1974  Look-in nos. 1 16   
1975  Look-in no. 3 , How Annual 
1977  Look-in no. 39
1978  Look-in no. 27, 52 Christmas edition
1979  Look-in no. 42
1980  Look-in nos. 7 12 22 36, TV   Annual
1981  Look-in nos. 4 30 33
1982  Look-in no 7

Images Title Publisher / Client Prog / Issue No. Year Notes
Button Man - Das Killerspiel Panini Comics German translation of The Killing Game
La Historia de los Beatles Norma Editorial

Spanish edition of The Beatles Story

Sedzia Anderson Rebellion

Polish edition of collected Anderson strips. 

Mazeworld - Collectors Edition Rebellion

Large format

Button Man - El Juego de la Muerte EEC Ediciones

Spanish version of Button Man - The Killing Game.

Button Man - Get Harry Ex Rebellion

Collection of all three of Button Man stories drawn by me. Writer John Wagner

Judge Anderson PSi. The PSI Files Volume 02 Rebellion

Collection - Shamballa, Reasons To Be Cheerful, The Witch? Report, The Jesus Syndrome, (one of the) Postcards from the Edge.  Other artists - David Roach, Kevin Walker, Mark Wilkinson. Seve Sampson, Tony Luke. Charles Gillespie, Xuasas, Ian Gibson, Enric Romero and Mike Collins. Written by Alan Grant.

Mazeworld - A Nightmarish Fantasy Rebellion The collected edition
Judge Dredd - The Restricted Files 02 2000AD

Reprint of 'Dungeon Master' in collection with Carlos Ezquerra, Cam Kennedy, John Higgins, Ian Gibson, Bryan Tallbot, Mark Farmer, Brendan McCarthy, Steve Dillon, and Will Simpson. Scipts; John Wagner and Alan Grant.

Judge Anderson - The PSI Files Volume 01 Rebellion

Collection. My contribution 'Triad'. Other artists Brett Ewins,Cliff Robinson, Robin Smith, Barry Kitson, Jeff Anderson, Will Simpson, Mark Farmer,Mick Austin, David Roach, Carlos Ezquerra, Kim Raymond. Scripts; Alan Grant and John Wagner.

Button Man - Killer Killer Rebellion

Soft cover  - cover artist Kevin Walker.  

Judge Dredd - Seasons Beatings Fleetway/Rebellion

Reprint of 'Santa Affaire' plus 5 other artists  Cam Kennedy, John Ridgway, Barry Kitson, Kevin Cullen and Eric  Bradbury. Scripts; John Wagner and Allan Grant. 

Judge Anderson PSI Division - Shamballa Rebellion

Reprints - Shamballa, Reasons to be cheerful, The Witch? Report, The Jesus Syndrome, Satan, R*volution, The Protest. Scripts; Alan Grant.

Judge Anderson - Shamballa Rebellion

Contains 'Shamballa', 'Reasons  to be cheerful', 'The Witch? Report', 'The  Jesus Syndrome', 'Satan', 'R*evolution', and  'The Protest'

Button Man - The Confessions of Harry Exton Rebellion

Soft cover.    

Judge Dredd Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 1542


Judge Dredd Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 1523


Judge Dredd - wpd Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 1200

Script; John Wagner.

Werewolf in London Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 1513

Cover illustration.

Button Man - The Killing Game Rebellion

Soft cover                

Judge Anderson psi - City of the Dead Rebellion - The Judge Dredd Megazine 231-236

Script; Alan Grant. This,'Half-life', 'Lock in', and 'Lucid' connected. 

Judge Anderson psi Rebellion - Judge Dredd Megazine 2.30


Judge Anderson psi - Lucid Rebellion- The Judge Dredd Megazine 238-241

Script; Alan Grant. This, 'Half-life', 'Lock in', and 'City of the Dead' connected.

Judge Anderson psi - Lock in Rebellion - Judge Dredd Megazine 227 - 230

Script; Alan Grant. This, 'Half-life', 'City of the Dead' and 'Lucid' connected.                                                                     

Judge Anderson psi - Half life Rebellion - The Judge Dredd Megazine

Script; Alan Grant. This, 'Lock in', 'City of the Dead', and 'Lucid' connected.                                                                     

Judge Dredd - Everything in the garden Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 1465

Script; John Wagner.

Judge Anderson psi Rebellion - Judge Dredd Megazine 2.17


Xreme Xmen - Schism Marvel

Reprint of Xpose story along side 2 stories drawn by Salvador Larroca. 

Judge Anderson psi - WMD Rebellion - Judge Dredd Megazine 221-226

Script; Alan Grant.

Buttonman Fleetway/Rebellion Megazine

Pin-up picture.

Button Man - The Killing Game Rebellion

Hard cover 

Soldier X - Freaks, rebels and prophets Marvel

2 parter. Script; Karl  Bollers. Colouring at Marvel. 

Xtreme Xmen Xpose Marvel

2 parter. Script; Chris Claremont. Colouring by Marvel.                                                                               

X - factor Marvel Comics 2 parter

Script; Jeff Jenson. Colouring for done at Marvel       

Buttonman - Confessions of Harry Exton Rebellion - Judge Dredd Megazine 6-8

Reprint in three parts. Script John Wagner.  Buttonman© John Wagner and Arthur Ranson.

Buttonman II - Confessons of Harry Exton Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 1221-1233

Script; JohnWagner. Buttonman© John Wagner and Arthur Ranson      

Buttonman - Killer killer Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 1221-1233

Script; JohnWagner. Buttonman© John Wagner and Arthur Ranson                                                          

Mazeworld - Hell Maze Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 1151-1160

Script; Alan Grant. Mazeworld© Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson  

Judge Dredd - Pyrokinesis Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 1189

Script; John Wagner. Introduces Juliet November.                                           

Mazeworld - The Dark Man Fleetway/Rebellion 1101-1110

Script; Allan Grant. Mazeworld© Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson.

Chronicals of Mazeworld Caliber Comics 1 and 2

B&W and grey. Colour art work reproduced  in tone 

Mazeworld - The Hanged Man Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 1014-1023

Script; Alan Grant.  Mazeworld© Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson.

Judge Anderson - Satan Egmont

Reprint..  Contains 'Reasons to be cheefull ' and 'Satan'. Script; Allan Grant. Date sheer guess.

Batman/Phantom Stranger DC Comics

Script; Alan Grant. Colouring at  DC but I did guide for this.

Judge Anderson psi - The protest Rebellion - The Judge Dredd Megazine 3.14

Script; Alan Grant.

Judge Anderson psi - Satan Egmont

 Did new cover. Script; Alan Grant    

Batman: Dark Knight Gallery DC Comics 1

Inked by David Roach

Judge Anderson psi - Shambala Fleetway Classic 2000 AD

Did new cover.                     

Judge Anderson psi - R*volution . Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 1263 - 1272

Script;Alan Grant

Judge Anderson psi - Satan Rebellion - Judge Dredd Megazine 3.01-3.05

Script; Alan Grant.

The Beatles - Die Bildbiografie einer Legende ehepa

 Reprint of most of the Look-in strip.German edition.      

Button Man - The Killing Game Kitchen Sink Press

American edition. 

Judge Anderson psi - Shamballa Basei Comic Edition

German  edition. Published in two parts. Date probably close.     

Button Man - The Killing Game Arboris 1 and 2

French editions                                 

Judge Anderson psi - The Jesus Syndrome Rebellion - Judge Dredd Megazine 2.22 - 2.24

Scipt: Alan Grant.

Judge Anderson psi- Postcards from the edge pt4 Rebellion - Judge Dredd Megazine 2 . 53

Subtitle 'How the Horshead Nebula got it's Name'. My teen-age daughter and her friend appear in this. Script; Alan Grant.

Judge Anderson psi - Triad Fleetway Quality - 2000AD Monthly 105

Reprint of 'Triad' and  'Bradley' strip - art; Harrison. Script; Mckenzie

, Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight - Tao DC Comics 52 -53

Script; Allan Grant. Colouring by DC.

Judge Anderson psi Fleetway/Rebellion - Judge Dredd Megazine 2.23


Judge Anderson psi - The Witch? Report Rebellion - Judge Dredd Megazine 2.22 - 2.24

Script; Alan Grant.

Dreddlocked. Rebellion Original novel

Book cover. Author Stephen Marley. 

Judge Anderson psi - Triad Titan Books

'Triad'  also 'Contact', 'Beyond the Void', 'The Prophet' and 'The  Screaming Skull'. Other stories drawn by Mark Farmer, David Roach, and Mick Austin. Scripts; AlanGrant

Button Man - The Killing Game Feest Comics 1 and 2

Part 1 did new cover. Part 2 cover from one done for 2000AD. German editions.

Judge Anderson psi Rebellion The Judge Dredd Megazine 2.14

'The Witch? Report' related cover

Judge Anderson psi - Reasons to be cheerful Fleetway/Rebellion Judge Dredd Megazine 2..10

Script; Alan Grant

Buttonman - The Killing Game Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 780 -791

Script; John Wagner. Voted best strip by Comic World poll  1993  or '94. Buttonman© John Wagner and Arthur Ranson  

Judge Anderson psi - Shamballa arboris

Complete story. Dutch  edition   

2000AD. Tharg's Future Shocks - 'The Cruise' Fleetway/Rebellion

Script; Frances Lynn

Tharge Future Shocks - 'Retribution' Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 742

Script; John Tomlinson

The Vampires New Year Toxic (creator owned comic) 10

Initially a horror tale, the writer (?) left. Then redialogued by Alan Grant and John Wagner as funny.

Best of Judge Dredd - Special edition Egmont Fleetway

Reprint. 'The Protest'   + 6 others. Scripts; John Wagner and Alan Grant.  Other artists; Ian Gibson, Carlos Ezquera, Cliff Robinson, Mccrea, Jim Baikie and John Burns

Look-in Annual 1991 ITV Publications

Cover painting.

Comic Relief Comic Fleetway

Scores of artists. Mine the penultimate page.                                    

Dr Who Monthly 164 - 166

 'Fellow Travellers' story. B&W. Script?                                                                            

Judge Dredd's Hardcase Papers vol Fleetway Quality

Reprint. 'Dungeon Master' and 3 other strips. Script; John Wagner. Other artist Carlos Ezquerra  and Mick Austin       

Psi Judge Anderson no11 Fleetway Quality

Reprint. Triad  + Mind of Edward Bottlebum.  B&W Bottlebum strip drawn by Embleton. Script: Grant/Grover. The 1991 date is a guess.

Judge Anderson Psi Division - book 5 Titan Books

'Triad' reprint. Also 'Void' drawn by Mick Austin. Scripts; AlanGrant

Anderson Psi Division - book 5 Titan books

Reprint. 'Triad',  and  'Beyond the Void' drawn by  Mick Austin. Scripts; Alan Grant 

Judge Anderson psi Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 708

Cover - Shamballa

Judge Anderson psi Fleetway/Rebellion 200AD 703

Cover - Shamballa

Muggins United I.P.C. - Shoot

One-liner gags by Roland Lester. In colour after first few. Muggins United ©Roland Lester/Arthur Ranson.

Judge Anderson psi- Shamballa Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 700 - 711

Colour. Script; Alan Grant.

Judge Dredd Annual Fleetway/Rebellion

Reprint of Judge Dredd -The Santa Affair. Script; Alan Grant and John Wagner

Thargs Future Shocks- 'untitled' Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 742

Script: ?

Look-in Television Annual 1990 ITV Publications

 Robin of Sherwood. Colour reprint from mid 1984 Look-in. Script; Angus Allan

Judge Anderson psi -Triad Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD 635-644

B&W. First Anderson strip, the start of a long and lovely relationship. Script; Alan Grant. Date a guess.

Judge Dredd Winter Special Fleetway/Rebellion

 'Santa Affair' strip. Script;  John Wagner and Allan Grant.   Date a guess.                                      

, Judge Dredd - Dungeon master Fleetway/Rebellion 2000AD

My first 2000AD strip. Script;  John Wagner.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Independent Television Books Ltd Look-in Television Annual 1990

B&w reprint from Look-in

Galaxy Rangers Look-in - ITV Publications ? - 30

B&W.Script; Angus Allan.

Look-in tv Annual 1988 ITV Publications

Robin of Sherwood. Reprint of 1979 Look-in strip.Script; Angus Allan 

Count Duckula Look-in ITV Publications

Scripts; Angus Allan.  © Cosgrove and Hall

Inspector Gadget Look-in - ITV Publications

B&W funny. Script Angus Allan                                                                                           

Jimmy Cricket Look-in - ITV Publications

One liner -  B&W. Wrote the gags for this

Outrageous Tales from the Old Testament Knockabout

Many artists and writers. My contribution 'Creation' was a decorated verse what I wrote. Love to see that.

Danger Mouse Annual 1987 ITV Publications

All  the strips plus spot illustrations.Scripts; Angus Allan

A-team Look-in - ITV Publications 48/ '87 - 6/ '88

B&W. Script; Angus Allan.

Cartoon Aid Book Cartoon Aid Limited

Alias the Jester

Alias the Jester Look-in - ITV Publications

Script; Angus Allan.  © Cosgrove and Hall           

Danger Mouse Annual ITV Publications

All new strips. Scripts; Angus Allan

Robin of Sherwood Look-in - ITV Publications 18 - 40

 Script; Angus Allan.                     

Sex Pistols 'The Filth and the Fury' Smash Hits Smash Hits Yearbook 1984

Four page picture strip of Sex Pistols 1975  - 1979. Writer Angus Allan whose image appears bottom left of third page.

Robin of Sherwood Look-in ITV Publications 18

Not sure what was going on here - Robin was really Mike Noble's strip. Script :Angus Allan.        

Look-in Television Annual ITV Publications

A further adventure for Oliver Twist. Script; Angus Allan

Sez Pistols - The filth and the fury Smash Hits Smash Hits Yearbook 1984

Four pages in Black and white. Writer - unsure but there is a small portrait of Angus Allan in one frame.

Danger Mouse Annual ITV Publications

Half page illustrations to stories by Angus Allen.

Haircut 100 Look-in - ITV Publications 30 - 48

B&W - humour. Script; Angus Allan.

Dangermouse Look-in ITV Publications

Added more frames per page than was Look-in practice. Script; Angus Allan. © Cosgrove and Hall. SSI award for best funny strip 1983. 'Good Grief Oh Crikey' award from Cosgrove and Hall 1983.              

Dangermouse Special Independent Television

Games and features plus four new strips by Angus Allan and I.

The Beatles - Their Story in Pictures ITV Books A TV Times/Look-in Special

Reprint from Look-in strip. Paper cover. Two pages of photographs.

Look-in Television Annual ITV Publications

DangerMouse. Script; Angus Allan

Look-in Pop Annual ITV Publications

 B&W. Reprint of part of Look-in  Beatles strip.

The Beatles Look-in - ITV Publications 38/ '81 - 9/ '82

 B&W biography. Script; AngusAllan    ©Angus Allan & Arthur Ranson

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Look-in - ITV Publications 20-37

Colour. Script; Angus Allan.

Elvis - the story Look-in - ITV Publications 3 - 37

B&W biography.Script: Angus Allan.   ©Angus Allen & Arthur Ranson . much artwork missing 

Look-in Annual 1981 ITV Publications

B&W illustrations to Sapphire & Steel text story The Albatross. Writer Angus Allan.

The Further Adventures Of Oliver Twist Look-in - ITVPublications 20 - 32

Script; Angus Allan.

Dr Who; The Mark of Mandregora Skylark Science Fiction Stories

Reprint,with others, from Dr Who comics.

Look-in Television Annual ITV Publications

Abba - the early years. B&W.Reprint from Look-in. Script; Angus Allan.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame IPC Look and Learn. No.s 924 -933

Written as illustrated text rather than comic strip narrative.

Sapphire and Steel Look-in ITV Publications 33/ '79 - 19/ '80

Time-twist adventure. Script; Angus Allan. Neither Angus or I ever understood the series rationale.

CHiPs Look-in - ITV Publications 22 - 23

Trouble with licensing cut it short. Script; Angus Allan.

CHiPs Look-in - ITV Publications 22 - 23

B&W. Script; Angus Allan.

Worzel Gummidge Look-in ITV Publications 16 - 21

B&W. Script; Angus Allan. 17 and 21were 2-week issues

Look-in Television Annual ITV Publications

Benny Hill page. Script; Angus Allan

The Worker. Charlie Drake TV Times Vol 93 No 41

TV comedian based. One-off strip. Writer unknown.

Target Polystyle 5-26

TV-cop show strip for short lived TV based comic. Printed on newsprint, coloured by printer. Script writer unknown.

Logan's Run Look-in ITV Publications 15/ '78 - 40/ '78

Science fiction, B&W. Script; Angus Allan

Bionic Woman Look-in ITV Publications 05/ '78 - 11/ '78

Adventure. Colour. Script; Angus Allan

Look-in Summer Extra ITV Publications

Benny Hill page,Script; Angus Allan

Abba - the early years. Look-in ITV Publications 43/ '77 - 09/ '78

B&W - Biography. Script; Angus Allan

Just William Look In - ITV Publications 14/ '77 - 40/ '77

B&W, drawn in the style of Thomas Henry; the original 'William' illustrator. Script; Angus Allan

Look-in Gift Special. The Comedy Scene ITV Publications

My contribution a double page spread featuring cartoon characters and comedians old and new .

Look and Learn - 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' IPC 924 - 933

B&W picture strip.Some doubt about the year. Script;?

Doctor On The Go Look-in - ITV Publications 20/ '75 - 13/ '77

Humour, B&W.  Script; Angus Allan.

Rod Hull and Emu Annual ITV Publications

B&W. I drew everything in the book, Angus Allan wrote everything.

Micheal Bentine's Potty Time ITV Publications Look-in Annual

Two page fully painted colour version. Highland Games Script; Angus Allan. Date questionable.

Benny Hill Look-in - ITV Publications

Humour, B&W. Script; Angus Allan. An annual or special I think.

Michael Bentine's Potty Time Look-in ITV Publications 16/ '74 - 03 '75

Script; Robin Tujek. Robin shaky on deadlines so I wrote parts.

, Les Dawson - Superflop Look-in ITV Publications 35 - 48

A funny - my first strip. Script; Angus Allan

This includes strips for not comics, illustration, advertising, interviews, Society of Strip Illustration stuff and various bits of writing.  

Fanzines and Prozines

Publisher                                Content                                                          Date

Aka  no 5                                It's Arthur Ranson- interview                         1981
Bem  no 36                             An interview with Arthur Ranson                   1982
Graphics World                      article/interview                                              1983
Zarathustra                             interview                                                        199?
Garth anniversary issue         pin-up of  Garth                                             199?
Aceville Comic Collector      The  legend of Arthur - interview no 3        May 1992


1000  drawings for what must have been a very fat colouring book 1973(?) Paid 60p per drawing I got very quick and resented interruptions.

Many spot illustrations for an illustrated bible. 197?

The Johnny Rotten Story for Smash Hits magazine 1982. Never saw it in print or get artwork back.

La Boheme strip for Welsh National Opera magazine Fantom. 198?

Hunchback of Notre Dame strip for Look and Learn 1979. Also did some illustrations for them, the only one I remember being the Taj Mahal.

Motor rally strip for Sunday Times Supplement. 198?

Spot illustration of Football boot for Sunday Times Magazine 198?


All-bran  -  Pollinex (hay fever stuff) -  and a job for a foreign manufacturer about which all I remember is the generous fee - press ad strip for Biggles movie.

Magazines - The best I can offer is  list of publications I did  work for. Again much of this I owe to Tim Barnes and  J David Jackson.

Knave - Fiesta - Men Only - Sunday Times Supplement - Look and Learn - Cosmopolitan (I think.. Lady mag anyway) - cover for  Headlines no 30  - couple of multiple celebrity pages for TV Times and one for Look-in.

Book jackets 

Skully , Skully Returns  and  Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed  by Alan Bleasdale.
Shoes are for Sunday , Stepping into the SpotlightLife with the Lyons and One Small Footprint  by Molly Weir 
Hit Books - Longman Education.  Coloured line work for a number ? of books (titles?) and their school workbook folder                                     

Book illustration 

B&W tone art for short stories in hardback  book club series ???

B&W tone art for Sinister Street  by Compton Mackenzie - Geneva: Edito-Service 1974

B&W tone art for To Kill a Mocking Bird  by Harper Lee -Geneva: Edito-Service 

B&W tone art for St Thomas Eve, by  Jean Plaidy - Geneva: Edito-Service

B&W line drawings for Skylark Science Fiction Stories. Collected by Jill Bennet. Book Cub Associates 1980. Other illustrations by Peter Gregory.

Pencil portraits of film stars via Dez Skinn for 'Heroes of the Movies' series of books 

Painting. What's it all about?  bit in The Goodies Book of  Records - Weidenfield & Nicolson
 & something I think in another Goodies book. Certainly a photo of my infant daughter in afghan coat. Must have been the seventies.


Script for Twins of  Elvedon for short lived 'Scoop' magazine. Five episodes nicely draw by John Ridgeway.

Society of Strip Illustration Newsletter 

art - ?                                                                                    Nov 84
Arthur’s diary - writer, art self-portrait                            Aug 85
Arthur goes continental - writer                                            ?
Thanatomania - writer                                                      Nov 85
Why I like this drawing - writer                                             ?   
Arthur looks at girls   -  writer                                        Jan 86
SSI  AGM '86 Secretary’s report   - writer                    April 86  - I was secretary of SSI for a while and had earlier been Chairman for a year.
letter                                                                                  May 86
something . . ?                                                                 May, July, August 86
something ?                                                                     May 87 
book review                                                                    Nov 87
design /drawing of ticket for annual awards dinner         Nov 81

Quality - Comics International 
Ranson notes. Monthly opinion piece . Nos. 36 - 48.         1993 - 94 
Ten off the bookshelf. A choice of comics. No. 200           2006

Beatles artwork in The Art of the Beatles exhibition Walker Art Gallery May - Sept.1984 (got Cynthia Lennon's autograph on her page in the catalogue which pleased me.)