Ian Kennedy 22 September 1932 – 5 February 2022

Ian Kennedy began his career in 1949 at D. C. Thomson & Co. in his hometown of Dundee, taken on as a trainee illustrator.

He recalled that his first published work was inking the black squares in the weekly Sunday Post crossword. Those were the days.

In 1953 Kennedy began work in Amalgamated Press's Knockout and In 1955 returned to D. C. Thomson again as a freelance. During this time he worked mainly on war comics  but his work, widely appreciated, also  appeared in a range of comics. His titles for DC Thomas included HotspurAdventureRoverBuntyJudyWizardThriller Picture Library, and Air Ace. Star Lord, Battle Picture Weekly, Buddy, Blake's 7, Eagle, M..a.s.k, Victor Summer Special, Wildcat and D. C. Thomson's pocket books (including Commando.}

Working mainly in acrylics  Kennedy also produced many covers over the years for comics and  annuals. In the late 1980s and 1990s he began creating the covers for the annual  RAF Leuchers Air Show programmes.

He went into semi-retirement in 1997, but continued to create covers and features for Commando to the last. An active career of 73 years.



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