Rich Johnson had this good idea. The picture he made a tribute to one of the many people in the kind of work long taken for granted and in the current situation now recognised as essential and important - those who serve in some capacity to keep us clean, fed, watered and cared for in the present trying, and risky, circumstances. We can manage without some things but not without bin men or . . . . . . . ( complete as you see fit with unsung hero of choice.) If you have the materials you could follow Rich Johnson’s example and draw your choice of individual or profession. The ambitious might do a strip or comic. Am given to understand that the newly house-bound are at a loss for what to do with themselves. This might fit the bill for some. You do not have to be a great draughtsman. Successful cartoonists have long demonstrated that even if you can’t draw having some wit will do. Share them of course. I am contemplating Captain Cornershop. Presently doing other stuff in Paint. Which I will share when they are either finished or I get fed up with making changes.

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What's the name of the river that runs through Egypt?