Update May 18th. Martin Shaw can cease resting assured. Agreements have been reached, contracts have been signed, forms filled in to allow payment free from USA income tax. The latter significant since I believe John and I getting part payment ( we haven't yet) signals that Brian Helgeland has begun, or is beginning, to write the screen play, Trying not to be too optimistic - years ago Dreamworks had also had scripts written but that didn't stop them from later dropping their plan to make the movie.. If you are wondering - and why wouldn't you be? - about what my and John's title of 'Executive Producer' signifies, you are not alone. Me too. Though might get to see the script. As excitement rises to mild I see that suggestions for the casting of Harry ( Jason Statham ??! Nooooooooooooooo!!!). have been put forward by readers of 2000AD. It should of course be Tom Hardy. Just got the Netflix name. Do people still refer to the cinema as 'going to the flicks' ?

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