I am not so good with Reality. Comics served this discomfort with actuality by being largely fantasy and escapism of one sort or another. “Based on real life” as the intro to TV or film is always a good reason not to watch it. One piece of reality is bothering me though – what is happening to our climate. Comics have dealt with real life concerns - questions of racism, sexism, fascism, gender issues and homophobia - even in the outlandish setting of Superhero worlds. There are documentary and autobiographical comics. Which is great. I am unaware of any comics dealing with climate change. Having all the symptoms of burn-out (is that a real thing?) I myself shan’t be drawing one but, wanting to feel I have done something however slight, here are some possibilities for folk who might. The Dark Night Returns A millionaire caped crime-fighter uses all the industrialised means he can lay hands on to try and defeat the naturally gifted alien immigrant super-hero who is intent on protecting his new homes ecology from over-exploitation. An epic battle ensues – Technology v Nature, a confrontation that makes no sense. Caped crime-fighter has his moments but losing the argument fakes death so he can live to fight - for more, bigger and better, stuff - another day. The Mighty Thaw A Norse god comes to Earth to save a Viking village from sinking into the sea as icecaps melt and sea levels rise. His wicked half-brother, Lurky, does what he can to mess with him - leaving lights on, not using recyclables, clearing large areas of rain forest. Doctor Stranger. Stranger is a high society chiropodist, his career ended when his hand is crushed by the foot of his biggest patient. Looking for pain relief he enters a Tibetan monastery, as you would, encounters the Aged One and studies sorcery. Having money to spare he takes up residence in the mansion called Santa’s Sanatorium. Aided by his valet, Wrong, and with the power of The Eye of Agoofball and The Cloak of Levity he mocks science and ignoring the facts believes magical thinking will prevent global disaster. Judge Dredful The Judges, law enforcers of an autocratic city, beat up climate change protesters. “ Don’t they know in this story line the planet is already ****** ?” ( brought to ruin) The Silver Internet Surfer Enslaved by Galallovus, The Merciless Planet Destroyer, a shiny alien breaks free and seeks the knowledge on the world-wide-web that will enable him to find the truth about the planet’s peril and how to combat it. Gaia Seeing her realm under threat, Gaia, the Greek Goddess of the Earth, inspired by having seen W*** der Woman at work, comes down to see just how much of her dominion she can save by looking great and beating bad people up. With a new artist she gradually learns to be more realistic. Bopeye the Sailor Man Having spent many years ashore KO-ing gorillas, horses and men twice his size, Bopeye hears that sea levels are rising. Thinking “good, more sea for me to see” he takes a voyage. Oil slicks, dead whales, floating plastic bags, spoil the sea-nary. He returns home and joins climate-change protest rallies – “Aint this the Lan’ of Liberky?” Each week he is seen flooring another opponent who looks bigger than one would have thought he could possibly hope to deal with - “Ya blasted lubbers!” I’m little worried about Kave-in. A psychological domestic drama. A mother is concerned about the mental and moral health of her son, the politician, and his indifference to the destruction of the environment. The Newest Defenders School kids apparently, whose concerns for their and the planet’s future has them demonstrating on the streets. Many images of Gaia on the Internet but rarely is the artist named. Wish they wouldn’t do that. Lots of stuff about climate change on YouTube. Take your pick. Credit to all the fine artists and writers alluded to above – in what I trust a non- copyright -infringing way. Here a real comic dealing with this stuff - https://www.delmartimes.net/our-columns/story/2019-08-22/education-matt…

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