Making her first appearance in 2000, the year and the comic, Juliet November is a pyrokinetic  - she can start fires with her mind. As presented by her creator John Wagner in prog 1189 as a player in a Judge Dredd  strip titled Pyrotechnic. Her control over her ability is intermittent. Juliet liable to start unintended fires, setting  light to random objects. The Mega-City One Justice Department did however did it seems occasionally make use of her as an auxiliary  Judge with useful, if mixed, results.

I drew that strip and saw Juliet as bright, eager to please and well meaning. If she seemed a bit dipsy then the possibility that she might inadvertently ignite furniture might well explain a sometimes flustered train of thought and certain social unease. Her red sports car a sign of her independent character. The outfit silver because it is necessarily fireproof.

Juliet appeared again in Judge Dredd Megazine 202-204 with her own story written by Alan Grant and drawn by Graham Manley. In this an angry vengeful Juliet incinerates a gang who have murdered her boyfriend. For this she is sent to jail.

Alan bought her back again as a supporting player in Judge Dredd Megazine 229-230. as part of the Anderson  Psi Division story Lock-down  Here Juliet’s powers help save the Justice Department from a nasty nano-tech assault. Sadly, despite her good work she was then returned to her cell.

Thinking she deserves better here is my picture of Juliet November who, having gained full control of her art, has been enrolled as a full member of the Justice Department Psi Division. Still in silver because it is fireproof.

For any script writer interested Juliet has great, hitherto unrecognised, deductive ability and could well be seeing a counsellor to help her control her emotions. Or . . . her time  in a cell with a statue of Buddha led her to a more tranquil place and hence control of her power.

from the top; new  - first appearance - Graham Manley artist  - from Lock-down.

All copyright acknowledged, 

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