Recently I received, curtesy of Dale Jackson, lots of scans of Danger Mouse and Duckula pages from long ago Look-in. I know for some people my drawing Danger Mouse was the most significant thing I ever did, coinciding as it did with a particular time in their life. With lock-down and all giving rise to a good deal of trolling through the past it seemed that a little nostalgia could do no harm and my plan was to put a complete story here in a blog. However, when reducing the images to the 300kb needed to load them here the quality was too poor. The words couldn’t be read. A complete page of both DM and Duckula are on the Look-in page where images of up to 2.95mb are possible. There was the same problem with some ‘Paint’ created images. Had said I would show these but when reduced the quality was just too poor to appear in public.

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What do camels store in their humps?