Remember those ads once seen in comics? 'Make money from art. Learn to draw! Take our training course.' ? Well to cash in you don't have to make art, trouble yourself to draw or paint or be creative. Let others will do that, then just buy some and wait a little. Saw on the internet that the 'Bad' Anderson print that was on sale at Orbital for £50 is being offered at £100. Could make one sorry you signed stuff. Orbital comics still have copies of the print for £50. Probably signed copies but if not signed so what? If you like the work and know where it originated I have a problem seeing the value of a name scribbled in one corner. A while ago I saw the idea floated that the law be changed in order that the creators of art works be entitled to a cut of any profit made in the works reselling. What a splendid notion. Sure Brian Bolland would be in favour. Saw a piece of his artwork for sale at nearly £7000. These seem to me to be not honest art dealers, making a living from something they have an attachment to. but simply chancers. Guess that is the way of the world but to these eager practitioners of neo-capitalism . . . screw you fellas.

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