June Mills, ( 25.02. 1918 – 12. 12 1988) was a comic book artist. She worked under the name Tarpé Mills in order to disguise her gender from a reading public not ready to accept a woman writing and drawing adventure strips. June was one of the first major female comics artists. The strip she created was 'Miss Fury'. 'Miss Fury' was the first female action hero. It was a Sunday paper strip, first printed early 1941. In 1942 some of the work was reprinted in comic book form. The Sunday strip ran until 1952. June Mills 'Miss Fury' stories were hugely popular and it's easy to understand why - they look great. their originality, invention, boldness and energy are obvious. June Mills mastery of the action comic makes her well deserving of her being belatedly recognised.when as a recipient of the 2019 Eisner Award she will finally take her place in the Comics Hall of Fame

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