Recently I came across two items about comic’s favourite creator who should have had a role in the Harry Potter movies, Alan Moore. One, stemming from his daughter Leah Moore, concerned Alan’s treatment by the American comics industry and his reaction to it. If like me you had noticed that the Watchmen serial available on You Tube fails to credit it’s major creator, this tells us why. It also draws attention to the tension between those in comics for the creative potential and those in comics for the financial - the artists and the businessmen. Artists and writers like to make a living but first it is the making. My own experience in the industry, with one exception, has been that the two have worked pretty well for all concerned. Until recently, when the possibility of my asking for my name to be taken off a possible use of a piece of my work arose, my relationship with the folk who run the business side of things has been good. I know that is not the case for everyone. Historically the way publishers treated creators was appalling but things have improved no end. Being credited, receiving reprint fees, both once ignored, are now standard practice. The willingness of publishers to produce creator owned material is also a significant change. The story Leah Moore tells would indicate that there is still room for improvement. It is a sad story. You can read it here -… The second Alan Moore story is that for the first time in decades Alan plans to vote in the up-coming UK election. He also urges all to do the same and in support of the Labour Party.… ( Me too if you are curious.)

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