Been a while. Been busy making drawings in a sketch book and digitally with Paint. My fantasy is to share them one day in a nice glossy-page book. No one has asked for these, it is a vanity project all of my very own. After a long fallow period I am keen to draw again, so at least for the present the doing is more important to me than thoughts of public presentation. There is once more talk of a Button Man movie. It is early stages so details can't be shared but if and when it actualises you shall be told. A decade or so has passed since the idea first came to light and I have given up holding my breath. As Gran used to say, 'there's many a slip 'tween cup and lip'. We shall see what happens this time. There is now a Spanish edition of The Beatles story which I neglected to mention at the time.The book sold out but is being reprinted. Someone sent me this on Instagram about a tote bag made to go with it. It is a free gift and I'm pleased to say I shall get one.… Ahora hay una edición en español de la historia de The Beatles que olvidé mencionar en ese momento. El libro se agotó, pero se ha vuelto a imprimir. Alguien me envió esto en Instagram acerca de una bolsa hecha para ir con eso. Es un regalo gratis y me complace decir que lo conseguiré.…

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