Seen a few comics this week. Only one made me smile. That was 2000AD. Ii was the Judge Dredd strip, ‘Control’ that did it. Not for the humour of the story ( which featured un-chuckle-worthy piles of dead bodies, an insane murderer in law-enforccr uniform, and the titular hero blinded and buried up to his neck) but for the sheer pleasure of looking at Chris Weston’s artwork. He does so much and with such authority it is a joy to see him at work. I picture Chris in the purpose built Norwegian-pine shed he uses as a studio, on his ergonomic stool. afront his drawing board, coffee cup steaming beside a bowl of fresh-picked raspberries, his faithful red setter sleeping at his feet. There is a statue of Buddha on a crowded bookshelf. A Bruce Springsteen disc is playing softly on the music centre. Outside in the verdant garden the birds sing and squirrels gambol. Chris studies the script before him. Thinks “ How many bodies do we really need draw? Let’s double, no, triple, that. Do they all need distinctive clothing? Pretty much. Indentations on the sole of this minor character’s boot? Yes. And pockets and seams on his and everyone else’s costumes? I should say so. Main characters clearly defined and expressive? Yep. Any cheating or shortcuts to take? Nah. Convincing technological architecture? Natch.” The smile inducing pleasure comes from seeing such a proficient professional doing his thing. Rather like watching a trapeze artist. No obvious sign of effort but you know only diligence and practice made it possible. There is a sense of satisfaction in seeing a fellow human do that stuff. NB.The reproduction here does not do justice to the clarity of the artwork. "Control' script by Rob Williams. Art Chris Weston. Copyright Rebellion Recently read Marvel’s ‘The Twelve’ drawn by Chris and that deserves a mention,- but then so does whatever he has done.

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