Looking at this web site recently it struck me that it's in danger of looking a little nostalgic - lots of Beano, Dandy, and the original Captain Marvel. I had so resolved to read more contemporary publications. I was relying on the local library to supply the raw material. That plan now shot. Unlike many we still have a local library but it has ceased to have a Graphic Novels section. The reason being, I was told, is that too many of the comic books went missing. Pinched, purloined, nicked, nabbed, - stolen. Personal acquisitiveness over-ruling public good. Those taking the books are scoundrels and one has but little hope that conscience keeps them awake nights. One can understand the temptation. There are no comic shops in town. The local Waterstones sell a few of the fatter and better known graphic novels though when there recently I saw more diaries for sale than comic stuff. I cannot remember the last time I saw any in the town's other bookshop. Not that these are excuses for thievery. Internet purchase is an option but having bought that way shoes that I have never worn I can appreciate some qualms about ordering a comic one couldn't first see the inside of. Having 75% of my book shelves jammed with comic and comic related books I am anyway reluctant to buy more from any source. So the intention to learn a little more about what is what has had its first setback. There should be a solution to my problem and I will look for it. Meantime - DON'T STEAL BOOKS FROM THE LIBRARY!

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