There was a request from Jim for a picture my work place. Not sure why but am here to serve. The Guardian, on whom my journalistic standards are modelled, did this kind of thing for writers so it must make some sense.
This something of a re-creation since I have not worked here for a time. Missing are postcards, photos, newspaper clippings, blue-tacked onto wall and the Year Planner on wall to front of the desk so deadlines always apparent.  The desk, bought when feeling flush is, according to the receipt from Liberty’s which I kept, ‘An oak pedestal desk with sloped centre top carved and inlaid in the manner of Charles Eastlake Arts and Crafts Movement Circa 1885.’ Posh then. It replaced the circular collapsible metal-legged garden table and drawing board  I had been using. Rarely was it as uncluttered as here. The kneeling chair, one of my best buys, stopped back ache and lengthened my working day. Behind where I sat there is another window next to a door with a large glass panel. There is a similar door at the other end of the room so light was good. There was a large, now reduced,  Ikea  shelf setup with comics and reference books. There used to be an ink-stained blue carpet but insurance money from a leaky radiator went someway toward the cost of the recent wooden floor.

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