I came across a list of The Greatest 50 Comic-book Characters.  It was wrong. Here is my list. Not ‘Greatest’ which is a little too butch for me, but ones I happen to like ‘Best’. It is sooo subjective, and no doubt influenced by nostalgia. In alphabetical order ( sort of ) rather than ranking. I make no excuse for including some I just happened to draw.


Asterix  - Button Man - Charlie Brown (Peanuts)  -  Conan  -  Captain Marvel (the original)  -  Captain Marvel Junior   -   Daisy Mae (Li’l Abner)   -  Dan Dare   -   Doctor Strange   - Dr. Manhattan (Watchmen)   -  Felix the Cat   -   Galactus  -  Hellboy  -  Ignatz Mouse (Krazy Kat)  -  John DiFool (The Incal)   -   Judge Anderson  -  Judge Death   -  Judge Dredd   -   J. Wellington Wimpy (Popeye)   -    Krazy Kat  -  Li’l Abner  -  Linus van Pelt (Peanuts)  -  Lone Wolf and Cub  -   Lt Blueberry  -  Lucy Van Pelt (Peanuts)  -  Little Nemo  -  Lobo  -  Lone Sloan  -  Mai the Psychic Girl  -  Meta-Baron (The Incal)  -  Obelix  -  Olive Oyl (Popeye)  -  Offissa Pup (Krazy Kat)  -  Phantom Stranger  -  Popeye  -  Scott McCloud  -  Silver Surfer  -  Snoopy (Peanuts)  -  Spectre  - Sub Mariner  -  Superman  -  The Spirit  -  Thor  - Thorgal  -  Vladek Spiegelman ( Maus)  -  Vault Keeper (Tales from the Crypt)  - Wilson (Wizard comic)  -  Wolf-head (The Incal)   


March 6th. Since doing the above I have thought of at least three more.  

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