Exhibition at the West Bend Museum of Wisconsin Art and at Saint Kate — The Arts Hotel in Milwaukee.

The exhibition covers the major themes, innovations, and publications that characterize the state's contributions to comic culture both Mainstream and Alternative.

Wisconsin, AKA ‘The Badger State’, has a laudable history of comic artists and publications. In addition to the show various talks and activities are planned.  

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I have found no mention of how the exhibition plans and viewing might be affected by the coronavirus pandemic but see that a talk by publisher Denis Kitchen will be ‘virtual’.

All copyrights acknowledged. I take it that the poster is based on some earlier work from an Alternative comic. The ‘But is it Art? ‘’Oh, C’mon! It’s in a museum ain’t it? ' suggests more recent concerns about the role and value of comics.

B&W cartoons  - Clare Briggs and Lynda Barry,

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