The Society for Strip Illustration was formed in 1977 to act as a forum for the comic industry's professionals. It ran till 1992 when it changed its name to Comic Creators Guild. The brains behind its creation were those of editor and writer Dennis Hooper and popular-culture historian Dennis Gifford. The society influenced the improvement in creators rights - in the olden days original artwork was not returned, artist were forbidden to sign their work, creator owned work was unheard of. In addition it acted as a network that bought together people who were to have an influence on the quality and content of comics. Neil Gaiman met Mark Buckingham there, Alan Moore met Des Skinn. These that I know of. Otherwise my recollections are hazy. For reasons that needn't concern us now I am making a small attempt to put together a history of the S.S.I. and would be interested and grateful to anybody with information that would help. There is very little about it on the internet and it would be a shame if the history of this briefly influential organisation/social club/creative hot-house went unrecorded. I can be mailed at People took turns to produce the newsletter.

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