In the story Satan by Alan Grant and myself Psi Judge Cassandra Anderson meets  a super villian calling himself Satan. At one point Satan proposes if Cass become his lackey he would not carry out his threat to destroy the planet. Think Silver Surfer /Galactus but with greater scope.
In the published story Cass decides not. There was however the opportunity to produce an alternative universe situation where Cass did take up the role. Which I thought and still do was a great idea for what would be the entire universe as canvas for great characters. Editors didn’t go for it.
When playing with Page Plus software I used it for a Satan /‘Bad’ Anderson subject. (final pic.) Swapping to Paint software I did and am doing more illustrations featuring them.
Work in progress appears here. More to follow. My scheme is to show the potential that alternative ‘Bad’ Anderson stories have with the hope that Tharg, or whoever at Rebellion has the authority, might become aware of  them and reconsider the decision not to take up the opportunity.
None of the pictures are complete but I am impatient both to get my cunning plan under way and to start other pictures I have ideas for. Updated versions will replace these when appropriate and any new ones when presentable will appear here. (Much later - not doing any more Anderson due to 'Sirius' taking priority)
I would not be drawing such a strip. My only gain would be seeing Alan’s great idea realised.  

Satan - Judge Dredd Megazine 3.01 - 3.07
Reprint in Judge Anderson - Satan published by Hamlyn 1996. Includes The Jesus Syndrome
Reprint in the collection Psi Judge Anderson - Shamballa  published by Rebellion 2008 . Also includes Shamballa, Reasons to be Cheerful, The Witch? Report. The Jesus Syndrome, R*Evolution, and The Protest. All Anderson stories writen by Alan Grant.
Judge Anderson copyright- Rebellion. Same goes for Satan too I guess.

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