A number of people (well 2 is a number isn’t it?) have recently asked how the plan for a Button Man television series is going. It is at least possible that if two people I know are curious there could be a wider population awondering. So, ready or not, here is what I was told on asking producer Roger Kass why so much time has passed and John Wagner and I are still not household names in Netflix households. Nothing confidential here - merely a description of the way things are. "It's the usual plodding Hollywood development timetable. A writer continues to work on the pilot script. Once we consider it "ready," we go out to pitch it. Warner Bros./Bad Robot are the studio. We pitch it to networks like Netflix, HBO, etc. for them to put on the air/net/cable. Warner Bros. TV is not beholden to any network (like FX is to FX Studios, e.g.) so they can sell their product to the highest and best bidder. The studio makes the pilot either as part of a multi-episode season order from the network or as a step prior to the network making a seasonal order commitment (i.e., the network decides whether to go ahead with a series order only after first seeing the pilot). In either case, the pilot is almost always financed by the network (many of which own studios)." So if you did, thanks for asking If you didn’t, well now you don’t have to. Here the original blog - http://www.arthurranson.com/blog/tv-button-man

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