To give me the illusion of being connected I chose to have a Google alert thing that sends me notifications of any "comics" or "comic conventions" that the internet throws up. There are lots. The vast majority of them are about super-heroes, superhero comics, the people that make superhero comics, the latest news about super-hero characters in comics, film and TV, the actors that play super-heroes in film or TV, the attendance at conventions of actors that play super-heroes in film or TV, the attendance at conventions of cos-players in super-heroes costumes, the latest design changes in comic super hero costumes . . . . . .and so on. So it was a welcome alternative to be linked to 'The Comics Reporter'. My delight with the site was due to the wide range of material selected to illustrate what was in most cases minimal copy. It was a joy to see such a variety of styles, personalities and intentions from comic strip creators. Taken from a wide and eclectic range of sources the many and various images used show what a diverse, wide ranging and creative medium comics are and can be. We all know that of course but it is rare in my experience to see it reflected in the reporting of comics. The site is run by writer and editor Tom Spurgeon. Quote "Tom has written about comic strips, comic books and editorial cartoons for various publications since 1982. He worked for five years 1994-1999 as Managing Editor and then Executive Editor of the lauded and controversial industry trade magazine The Comics Journal. The magazine won several industry awards under his stewardship. He is a former contributing writer at The Stranger and for the late satirical web 'zine As an editor, Tom helped assemble volumes in The Collected Pogo series and books such as Bob Levin's The Pirates and the Mouse. As a writer, Tom co-wrote with Jordan Raphael the historical profile Stan Lee and the Rise and Fall of the American Comic Book and he was privileged to write for the King Features Syndicate strip Wildwood from 1999 to 2002." Normally I like to add pictures to these blogs but in this case any choices I made would be arbitrary so better left for those interested to see for themselves on The Comics Reporter'. The Comics Reporter -

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