Mark Swayze. July 17th 1913 - October 14th 2012
"My personal philosophy was to use the art in storytelling so that even a child who couldn't yet read could get a story out of it,"
Marc Swayze, was artist and writer for Fawcett Publications working on many titles including Captain Marvel, Whiz Comics and Wow Comics, He was co-creator with writer Otto Binder  of Mary Marvel, drawing many of her stories including her first appearance in Captain Marvel Adventures # 18, cover date December 11th 1942.
The first Phantom Eagle went unaccredited but Swayze was primary artist and writer of the adventures of this popular teenage anti-Nazi fighter-pilot.
From 1996 Swayze wrote “We didn’t know it was the Golden Age”,  a regular column about his early years for Roy Thomas’ comic history magazine Alter Ego.
(Small example at  then scroll down to page 178.

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