R.I.P Francisco Hanghenbeck

 1965 – 4/4/2021

Mexican comic book writer and screenwriter Francisco Hanghenbeck aged 56, has died from respiratory complications related to covid19,.

Born in Mexico City, Haghenback studied architecture at La Salle University, worked in several museums and founded the publishing house dedicated to Mexican comics Costal de Huesos. He was a writer of noir novels such as Trago amargo, El caso Tequila, Por un puñado de balas and El libro secreto de Frida Kahlo. (Bitter Drink, The Tequila Case, For a Handful of Bullets and The Secret Book of Frida Kahlo)

Hanghenbeck was the only Mexican to have written a Superman comic. With Oscar Pinto and Brian K. Vaughan, he wrote the Superman Annual 2000: The Newest Heroes South of the Border Comic.  

He was co-writer and co-creator of Crimson, a series of fantasy and horror comics, first published by Image Comics and later as part of DC Comics' Wildstorm line. Creator of Alternation, from Image Comics. 

His novel El diablo me obligó (2011), served as inspiration for Netflix to make the Diablero.

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