A new title has been added to the lists at the top right of the site.

It gives more immediate access to the web comic Sirius whose parts are scattered over a number of the sites pages.

This, the foreword to the first Sirius page -

It is my intention to produce a ‘comic’, Sirius, on this website. Technical limitations means each ‘page’ will be presented as a blog consisting of a row of single frames.
It will appear intermittently. Once a week would be ideal but, having recently spent 5 days making one ’frame’ that I then dumped, that seems unlikely.  
It is for my entertainment so despite good advice I have not worked on writing the story but am creating it ’page’ by ‘page’.  Have a broad idea but essentially making it up as I go along, even unsure what it will look like - there are problems of drawing technique on the software expected to arise plus, apart from a tendency to impatience, there are constraints upon time that leads to - "oh that’ll do."  I will take any shortcuts I can since it is possible a 'page' will take a fortnight so sixty (?) would be a couple of years work

That was posted in February 2012 on what is presently Page 14 of this site.

Short cuts or no, the final page was posted October 2016 - so nearly four years then.

It is clear from information the site provides that few if any visitors have looked at it for some while. This possibly  because visitors don’t stay long enough to look at more than the opening page so don’t know Sirius is there.

These being Covid times where reading material can be difficult to access it is possible the strip can provide some relief. Also it would help me feel the four years were not a waste of time.


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