24/03/2024   I have not seen a Black Panther comic or the movie. This piece of play is based only on the image below that turned up in a comic related Google thing I get sent.

Was tempted to make the flashes on his chest into daggers but decided that was not what was intended. Don’t know whether he has ever had a panther pal but imagine he could have.

All copyrights acknowledged

If you click on the images you can see them slightly larger.

Submitted by Alan on Tue, 2023-03-28 12:22


Lovely work. I was wondering, do these pieces begin with a sketch ( 'analogue', old fashioned kind) that's then scanned into the computer and elaborated, or are they entirely carried out on the latter ? (sorry, I'm pretty much totally ignorant of digital art technology).

The panther is fantastic.

Submitted by Arthur on Tue, 2023-04-04 14:52


Hullo Alan,

these pictures are done entirely on the computer including preliminary sketches. Pretty much the way way one might do an oil painting. 

It is possible to insert images which I will do if I want a handy reference to what some natural object looks like.

Not sure the app I use  - Paint - is still available. Assume something similar is if you wanted to try making your own pictures.




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