As promised.

They are set in the Hell Maze that Adam Cadman visits in a latter part of the story;

The third one was my original intention but I thought it too crowded so divided the separate elements.

The fourth I must have had doubts about that had me leave it and start again.

Still being worked on is another, of heroine Riadne, which I will share when done with.

These were all done springing from the day dream of a film version but unlike Button Man, where some kind if movie is still I believe in process, there has been no offers to put Mazeworld on screen.

Mazeworld copyright Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson

Submitted by Chris Wright on Sat, 2021-04-24 08:11


Ah these are great Arthur! 

This soooo needs to happen.  I’ve been hoping someone would pick up Mazeworld at some point.  I’ve learned to be cautious about these things, but everything crossed here!   :-)


Submitted by Arthur on Sat, 2021-04-24 14:03


Hullo Chris,

thanks for the compliment.

Even caution is a bit optimistic. 

I'm not aware that any film maker even knows of the existence of Mazeworld.

We can dream I guess,




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