Two folk have contacted me to ask about this page of my work, curious about when and for whom it was published.

I don’t know. Somehow it was overlooked when making up the bibliography. I do recognise the setting of the top page which is by a place I once lived and would put it in the 1970s or early 1980's.

It was found posted on Facebook so happen whoever put that up might know. It is clearly an adaptation of John Wyndham's The Day of the Triffids’. I don't believe it was a version of any TV showing of that story. It was not in Look-in.

Be nice to hear from anyone seeing this who knows more.

 !  Within hours of posting this a second page 'turned up'

copyright acknowledged

05/04/2021. Have strong suspicion this Triffid work was never published though still can't recall the whys and wherefores.

21/04/2021  Some new images of artwork have been sent  to me by Darren Wilde.  All but one he sent were from the Triffid strip drawn by me. They had been in the possession of John Cooper.

More pages but more interesting is the label on the back.

Knowing it was for Oxford University Press - Educational Division doesn't bring back any memories.

 What was Visa 3? Who is RM ?



Submitted by Darren Wilde on Sun, 2021-04-18 13:09


Hi there I have 7 of these artworks which I believe have been illustrated by the late and great John Cooper whom we sadly lost on 22 February 2015 (RIP to an amazing artist) I have spent many many hours trying to find out more about the works but there doesn't seem to be much information about them. This is the first article I've seen and the artwork looks like they are the same artist?I believe you may have known John and may be able to add more information to his great artwork. My apologies I don't know how to upload the pictures I have as I am not on any social media platforms. Kind regards Darren 

Submitted by Arthur on Sun, 2021-04-18 14:17


Hullo Darren,

I knew of John and was aware of his wide range of work but don't know we ever met unless at a long ago comic-con.

Don't know how to help with seeing the pages you have.

I don't have a mobile phone but aren't they capable of taking a photograph and sending it in an email? 

Publishers often write details of publication on artwork, sometimes on the back,  so that would help.

Good luck with the search.




The artwork shown was done by me.

Hello Arthur

thank you for your reply after seeing your post I looked at the pictures I have very closely and do believe these could also be your work as I noticed at the top in pencil it has a pp2 unit9? I have the pictures that follow pp1 unit9, pp1&2 unit 10&11 and pp1 unit12 which looks to be the same hand writing also on the back is title visa3 page 35 aw or vw 35.1& 67% reduction designer RM. When I look at both yours and john careers you both have worked on some of the same projects maybe not a same time.  I acquired these pictures when john asked me to clear out his art room at his home in Bridlington for him I sorted through it all and help him sell alot of it and think these where possibly with the lot he sold as I instantly recognised both pictures(I'm a good friend of his family) thank you for replying I just love looking at the artwork and wanted to know more about them . Kind regards Darren p.s I could email them but don't know who to send them to to find out more 

Hullo Darren,

you could send me one - me@arthurranson.com - and we could at least confirm whether or not it was my work.

I don't recognise the "Visa3" title or the pp references but who knows.




Submitted by Darren Wilde on Mon, 2021-04-19 22:04


Hello Arthur 

Yes I'd grateful to email you the pictures and hopefully shed some more light on this mystery. I think I have possibly had the 2 pictures found on Facebook? I do vaguely recall putting them in the box for john to sell because of their good condition I wonder how they came to own them a memorabilia seller bought them (also a friend of johns).I can speak to leslie Cooper to see if she can add something on how john came into possession of them or if he did the artwork?

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