I don’t imagine anyone will be as excited by the new site as I am, but here it is.

Not just different in appearance the up-dated site should load more quickly, run faster and be simpler to navigate.

It will also give the ability to properly view and use the site on mobile devices such as tablets and phones, with adaptive fonts that adjust to the screen resolution of the site it is viewed on.

Although the site continues to allow leaving comments unfortunately there was some incompatibility between the old system and the new which meant many of the existing comments didn't make it over in the database conversion. Our apologies. I regret that since the communication with visitors was to my mind a major factor in the site existing.

The previous site, with it’s comments, can still be viewed at the old website  link above. No new comments can be added there.

The impetus for the change was the large number of comments being left with links to dubious commercial activities. Deleting them each day is a chore I now expect to be spared.

It did cross my mind that in these troubled times there is more to think about than re-vamped web sites and it is true that it is inconsequential. Then decided that the inconsequential was important. Small everyday choices, pleasures and distractions - coffee, comics, cartoons, ketchup – small stuff for solace and sharing.

Many thanks to Tobias Jones of Prizum.  Tobias created the original website and has done me proud once again.

The image, copyright Arthur Ranson,  is our heroes looking to the modern and up-to-the minute, Sort of.   Click to enlarge


Submitted by Tobi on Fri, 2020-07-10 17:58


Hi Arthur, just doing some checks to make sure everything is working.
I've updated the font sizes, fixed some other text issues and allowed blog images to pop up in a larger viewer (just like in the galleries).

Submitted by Dale Jackson on Tue, 2020-07-14 22:23


New Site works quicker ( the old site wasn't that slow )  and it's much brighter , looks great... hope you are well and busy Arthur .. 

Submitted by Arthur on Wed, 2020-07-15 11:31


Hullo Dale,


Glad you are pleased. 

I am well and been keeping busy editing the site blogs to better fit the new format. 



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