Due to the current virus crisis comics producers and sellers, like most everybody else, are struggling. It seemed difficult to produce a blog about comics which could be anything but a bit on the gloomy side. With the idea that if one has nothing useful to say one should say nothing my intention was to do just that. Then it began to seem a odd to ignore it. There has been talk here in the UK of “the Blitz spirit” - the ‘all in this together’, stoicism and good-humoured attitude that saw the country through the second world war. Personally I found reference to ”this great nation of ours' from a Health Secretary outlining the medical situation a little disturbing. Not sure myself how much that kind of historical comparison really applies. Without down playing the severity of the present situation, shut shops, no sport and taking precautions to avoid catching or spreading a disease seem a little different from the fear of doodle-bugs and bombs dropping on ones head and airmen, seamen and soldiers sent into battle. But if it helps here presented are some posters from the 1940’s with possibly useful advice. From a more contemporary source of advice I recently watched Korea’s health expert on Youtube. Korea has experience of epidemics and the best record for dealing with this one. He says take it seriously. Wear a mask and glasses when you go out. Virus enters through mouth, nose and eyes so cover them. Can’t find a mask then make some or improvise. Lots of YouTube tutorials - for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3O-N20tAFA Maintain social distancing. Wash hands. If you feel silly doing any of this, think how much sillier you will feel if you don't, then catch the virus. Take care all.

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Hullo Sunglasses,

thank  you.

Guessing that English is not your first language but communication should still be possible.

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