Alan Grant9 February 1949 – 20 July 2022

Alan was a great writer and a good friend.

While our shared creations were just a fraction of his comic book work, he was pivotal to the majority of mine. A loss to creative comics and to humanity..


Submitted by Lee Grice on Sun, 2022-07-24 16:15


Such sad news and such a loss. A phenomenal legacy of work left, though. 
Just this weekend I've reread Psi Anderson: Shamballa and the Batman/Phantom Stranger book you did together. Wonderful work from you both.

Condolences to you on your loss, and to all Alan's family and friends. Hope you're keeping well, Arthur.

I was shocked and saddened when i read the news of Allan Grant passing. My introducction to his work was precisely through your works together and i was amazed with his incredible skills as a writer.

My Condolences, i Hope you are doing well


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