08/11/2022 Kevin O'Neill, co-creator of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Marshall Law and Cinema Purgatorio, died last week, aged 69,
Kevin began working in comics at the age of 16 for UK publisher IPC, working on the weekly British comic Buster, before publishing his own fanzine Just Imagine: The Journal of Film and Television Special. He moved into colouring IPC titles and Disney comic books before joining the newly created 2000AD.where he designed the comics' fictional editor Tharg. After drawing short stories Kevin attracted more attention drawing  Ro-Busters with writer Pat Mills before creating the character Nemesis The Warlock. He went on to work for DC Comics on The Omega Men, and with  Alan Moore's  Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual in 1986. The Comics Code Authority to objected to O'Neill's entire style of artwork (????) and refused to pass it. The comic was published without the Code. 
After creating the creator-owned graphic novel Metalzoic at DC, Mills and O'Neill created Marshal Law, an anti-superhero for Marvel's Epic Comics. They took the characters to launch   Toxic! with Apocalypse Comics, a British weekly series before moving them to Dark House. He also co-wrote the novel Serial Killer with Pat Mills.
In 1999 that Kevin O'Neill began working with Alan Moore on most famous co-creation, on their first six-issue series for America's Best Comics , The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen published by Wildstorm which was made into a movie in 2003. He continued to work with Moore on more League volumes, contributed to Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic magazine and co-created the anthology magazine and lead strip Cinema Purgatorio from Bleeding Cool's publisher Avatar Press. He also contributed to Alan Moore and the late Steve Moore's Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic for Top Shelf and Knockabout, to be published next year.

Apart from being an inspiration AS A HIGHLY INDIVIDUAL, talented and creative artist, all UK comics creators owe him a debt for introducing creator credits while he was working in the editorial department oof 2000AD,

The final image is from sentimentality. Not the only time I met with Kevin but the one I remember best.

Kevin is the cheeky looking chap lower left.

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