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Hardware: The Definitive SF Works of Chris Foss. Titan Books. Publication date July 22nd.
Chris Foss (16.3.1946 - ) is best known for his science fiction book covers - including for Isaac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke and Philip K Dick - which defined the look of sci-fi in the 1970s and since. His evocative illustrations pioneered an influential and much-imitated style with their visions of  gigantic spaceships, extraterrestrial machines, futuristic cities and alien landscapes. People appear but rarely despite Foss having done the graphic black and white illustrations for the original editions of The Joy of Sex . He worked with Moebius on Alejandro Jodorowsky's unfinished version of Dune, with HR Giger on Alien, and on the first Superman film.

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Submitted by Arthur on Wed, 2011-07-13 17:53


Hullo Bheki,
it would be unlike me to receive an email and not respond to it. There is no record of you at this site's Email address - - and likewise when, just in case, I checked my personal address. So I have no explanation as to what might have happened to any email you sent. I am sorry and the offer is appreciated. I do now have a copy of the original printing of the 'Smash Hits' Yearbook 1984 in which the Sex Pistol's strip appeared. Thank you very much for the thought however.
As to Chris Foss's working method I could only guess. I lean toward the dedicated rendering theory.

Submitted by Bheki Latha on Thu, 2011-07-14 08:06


Those pages are beautiful, Sir. Anyway, the text of the email went something like this:

( Bheki included here copies of an earlier exchange between him and I under the another blog heading. Edited out for reasons of brevity, Hope this is all making sense to new-comers. Now read on. (Arthur))

That other thing from the AWOL email will be re-sent shortly.

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