01/9/2023  I was asked by Chris Wright  that I produced more devil images. Good natured and obliging as ever. here is one. That makes 32 so far. 

Two things - it seems I do requests, and any interested book publisher should get in touch.

Submitted by Alan on Tue, 2023-09-12 21:22


Love to see new work like this from you here on the site (but would prefer a book, no screen-glare from paper !), this one is really nice.

Thanks and please keep them coming. If you're really doing requests, would you consider an 'inked' one - brush or pen, b/w or colour ? (your work in Mazeworld, etc., - outline with mostly constant rather than gradated colour reminds me of the same qualities as Japanese woodblock artists like Hiroshi Yoshida; where the scene/image is more or less communicated completely - but still engages the viewer to partly 'complete' it in her/his imagination because it is not strictly realistic (eg, like an oil, for instance). And outline + colour is simply very attractive on its own terms, too.

Also love the biro works you've posted here - they're like pencil but with extra force/resonance due to being ink. 

Thanks & best wishes, Arthur.



Hullo Alan,

did not know Hiroshi Yoshida so had a look on Google. His work has a lot to admire but confess to not feeling any connection.

Although I always wanted my work to look convincing I never thought of it as aiming to be 'realistic'. As you indicate there were other graphic qualities which were what I was after.

Biro offered a halfway house between pencil and pen and ink with some qualities of both which I enjoyed exploiting but arthritic fingers have discouraged me from using it of late. Much more comfortable to use a Mouse to work with in the Paint app.  But like to draw so may well return to Biro.

All the best.


PS. A book would be nice if any publisher is listening and thinks Demon book might make money for them.

I remembered reading a comment you made about some comic art that had used the colourisation to give full 'in the round' dimension to the work using shading and highlights & so on, which I think you said was fine and valid as an approach but kind of went against the strengths of that kind of art where line was paramount (if I understood you right...?)

The earlier constraints of reproduction, I guess, may have determined that comic art would be line + (primarily) flat colour, but it created a lovely effect that corresponded in some ways to woodblock techniques and results. I mentioned Hiroshi because the western perspective etc he used show the similarities more-so than do the (beautiful) conventions of the earlier kind of Japanese woodblock prints. 

Cheers !

Hullo Alan,

that sounds like something I might have said.

Could be my preferences are a little out of date but I do lean toward work that looks as though it has been inked then coloured.

I did use tinting and colour graduation at times but always wanted to maintain a certain flatness to the page. Am a fan of  Hokusai.

All the best.


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