27/09/2022 Think it is fair to say that the Gosh Comics signing was a success.  Lots of folk wanting signatures and book shop people content with sales. Usual happy atmosphere and, for the signees, coffee and biscuits.

Jamie McKelvie, unfortunately couldn’t make it but Tom MullerAdam Sherif and myself were all kept going non-stop. So thank you for your support to all the visitors. The other masked man in the picture is Owen Johnson representing Gosh. 

Flattering for me that a number of people bought their own books and comics containing my work to be signed. One guy came with about three years’ worth of 2000AD for signing but did have the good grace to re-join the queue a number of times to get through them all.

Two chaps turned up with work they had been told was by me but wasn’t. Such scams are regrettable and someone deserves a good slap. If any potential customer is in doubt I can be contacted to confirm or deny.

Expect to be sent some of the many photos that were taken but presently have just the one with us all in disguise. Pictures taken by anybody else (you know who you are) would be welcome. Gosh Comics will be showing the pictures on their website and on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Thanks again to all who turned up.


More pics turned up courtesy of Gosh.

the third one looks like me being reckless, The lady by the door had a photo taken she said she would send.

Hi Arthur 

I'm glad to say that Cartem editors finally mailed my copy of Mazeworld translated to spanish (it seems it will be released on shops later on friday but since i preordered  the comic throug the website got it a bit earlier). Cartem edition of Mazeworld is really well done, hardcover, and with a cover gallery as bonus.

It's a pity that the editors didn't contat you for any signing session in Spain, glad to see that the Gosh Comics signing went well.



Submitted by Arthur on Wed, 2022-09-28 21:58



Hullo Joan.

glad you got it at last and nice of you to let me know.

Publishers usually send me copies but I haven't seen this version. Sounds good.

Gosh signing did go well though I might have enjoyed the coffee more in Spain.

Take care.



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