It is my  intention  is to produce a ‘comic’, Sirius, on this website. Technical limitations means each ‘page’ will be presented as a blog consisting of a row of single frames.
It will appear intermittently. Once a week would be ideal but having recently spent 5 days making one ’frame’ that I then dumped that seems unlikely.  
It is for my entertainment so despite good advice I have not worked on writing the story but am creating it ’page’ by ‘page’.  Have a broad idea but essentially making it up as I go along, even unsure what it will look like - there are problems of drawing technique on the software expected to  arise plus, apart from  a tendency to impatience, there are constraints upon time that leads to - "oh that’ll do."  I will take any shortcuts I can since it is possible a 'page' will take a fortnight so sixty (?) would be a couple of years work.
This introduction is due to my wish not add any distracting editorial on the Sirius blog when ’page 1’ does appear  next week.

Submitted by Arthur on Tue, 2012-01-10 13:51


Hullo Bheki,
well let's hope so. The final frame of page one is taking longer than is practical. Satisfactory or not it will appear on schedule anyway.

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